Clear the clutter

I’ve always said that if I ever got into another business, it would be the self-storage business. Why? Because people are obsessed with buying stuff! And when there’s too much stuff in the house, do they get rid of it? No, they get another storage unit. You can’t even get the car in the garage—your poor car has to sit outside because you’ve got so much stuff in the garage. If this sounds familiar to you, you’re not only in good company, you’re in the vast majority.

Why do we need to get rid of clutter? The essential reason is that if you have physical or emotional clutter—meaning inner or outer clutter—it is very difficult for something better to come in. That is just another one of those laws of the universe. I didn’t make this up; I just report the facts.

Have you ever noticed that when you clear stuff out, you feel better? I know you’ve noticed this. After one of my Students cleared the clutter from her Outer Environment and Inner Environment, she told me that her business doubled in just three weeks! Another one of my clients couldn’t see the rug in her office because she had so much clutter. When she cleaned out the clutter, she told me she took out seventeen garbage bags of clutter from her little office. Guess what? In thirty days, she made enough extra money in her business to replace the carpet that she couldn’t see before.

Clearing the clutter works. Just accept it—and use it for your ultimate Benefit.