ASUS VivoBook F510UA FHD is light, elegant and really fast

This i5 VivoBook i5-8250U, with 8GB RAM and 1TB HDD is really fast. It features USB-C, NanoEdge Display, Fingerprint, and comes in Star gray (F510UA-AH51) The graphics adequate, if you are not a gamer. The laptop is small and thin for a 15.6″ screen (may fit in a 14″ laptop sleeve) and light (3.7 lbs). The only downside is the slow 1 TB hard drive, if you compare it with laptops with SSDs. Its keyboard is not backlit, but it’s not an expensive laptop either. It’s one of the very best laptops you can get for the price. Note also that it’s not loaded with a ton of bloatware, having some though you can get rid of easily.

The 8th gen core i5-8250u is really fast, with 4 cores/8 threads. The display is brilliant, with white whites and black blacks!, excellent contrast and outstanding colors. It will also play all but the newest games with ultra settings. Of course it’s great for writing school papers, reading electronic documents (generally via PDF), library research, and for surfing the web.


It includes also a card reader. You can insert a 128 GB SD card and use it as external storage for documents or use as a local backup of important documents. You won’t face any heat problems since the computer runs quiet and cool.

Note that the fingerprint scanner is something you rarely find on sub 1,000 dollar laptops. It also boots up fast. But note also that the Power button may be too close to the “Delete” key, which needs a little caution.

This is a great overall balance of power and performance to price, an amazing computer, lightweight, with slim design and beautiful screen, great battery life and speed. The power supply too is small.