Huawei launches Windows 10 on Android

Windows 10 is still the most productive OS when it comes to getting real work done, leading to a number of efforts to bring the OS to mobile platforms.

Windows 10 Mobile has of course failed, but Huawei has now announced a new solution at CES Asia 2018 which would allow you to access a full Windows 10 desktop from your Android handset.

Called Huawei Cloud PC, the service offers access to a virtualized Windows 10 PC which can be used on the device itself, but also expand to full screen when connected to an external display via USB-C.

Despite the limited capabilities of a phone, Windows 10 will experience no slowdown, as the operating system would run entirely on Huawei’s computers.

A hands-on demo published by Notebook Italia shows how Windows 10 would run on Huawei’s Android devices, and which it’s clearly not the most convenient solution to use the OS on a small display, it’s certainly a lot more useful when connected to the bigger screen.

Being server-related, the service will launch in China-only, due to latency issues, but Huawei is hoping to bring it also to Europe with local servers there. The pricing has not been announced yet.